As our churches stepped back, set the ultimate standard of compliance, and left the gap wide open for unconstitutional government mandates, national security is breaking down with leaders instating dramatic breaches on citizen rights- undue “health measures”, suppression of our Constitution, the shutdown of American small business, releasing criminals from prison, dismantling police services, erosion of American healthcare, school closures, forcible removal of healthy children from parents and more. All of this combined with the current rioting, looting, freeways closures and increasing crime, puts food supply chains in serious jeopardy. It is more important than ever to consider your long term well-being. At the minimum, our leaders have already promised at least 18 months of successive chaos with continuing waves of “covid prevention” until all of America has succumbed to their control.

Without like-minded Community, Ownership of your Food Production and Ownership of a physical location to gather with others for fellowship, recreation and community organization, you will be extremely susceptible to the whim of the government as they roll out these increasing closures, shutdowns and restrictions. In light of our National upheaval, there has never been a more important time for sovereign citizens to join together for collective strength, protection and productivity.

What is needed?

  • Physical gathering locations that are Jointly Owned and operated by Community Members.

  • Location close to but not IN a metro area- ideally 30-45 minutes away.

  • Land must be put into Food Production and Micro-Farmed by dedicated specialists rather than DIY.

  • Independent energy systems.

  • Location developed to provide Amenities, Recreation and Community Center.

  • Fall Back Plan for Owner/ Residents and Non-Residents.

  • Outreach to local community and as an Education Center

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