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A quick How To on a top-lit updraft (TLUD) kiln design

Sustainable Agriculture

So For Us, It All Started Here… If this video doesn’t inspire you toward Permaculture, nothing else could. What can I say? It’s phenomenal, amazing,

Is All Gluten The SAME?

WHAT IS GLUTEN? Gluten is the stretchy part in your bread dough. No stretch, no gluten. “Gluten” is formed by many different protein units linked together.

The SECRET Recipe

Bread Recipe 3 Cups Hard White Wheat Berries1 Cups Hard Red Wheat Berries1 Cups Spelt Berries1/2 Cup Rye flour 3/4 cups Starter1/8 Cups Organic Virgin

What Is A “Poolish”?

A wet preferment, or in this case, a wet dough that will have gluten activated by pulling or “stretching” rather than kneading or mixing. Why