Real Sustainability is NOT DIY... It's DITogether.

If you REALLY devote yourself to DIY (Do It Yourself), I've noticed... it becomes mainly about one thing... INDEPENDENT SLAVERY.

If you REALLY decide to commit yourself to DIY (Do It Yourself), I’ve noticed… that’s all you actually end up having time for. No more hobbies, leisurely walks, exercise, book reading, vacations, time with the fam and kids… If you take DIY seriously, I’ve noticed it becomes mainly about one thing… INDEPENDENT SLAVERY.

DIY has an appropriate place when there’s something you’ve really been wanting to learn for a while, or something you need that isn’t readily available, or isn’t available at a cost you can wrap your mind (and resources) around. Maybe natural beauty products, healthy food, and auto repair, even home repair or remodel, website or business building.

In this sense, DIY resources can be extremely helpful and pertinent...

…But even here, you will quickly find that the sale and actual usefulness of many DIY materials and plans can be sketchy at best and often downright fraudulent or ridiculously expensive- not to mention MASSIVELY TIME CONSUMING– at worst.

It’s common knowledge that selling “Education” can be really profitable for someone who couldn’t really “make it” as a professional with their product or business. In this sense, “Education” can be the biggest “Snake Oil” scam that consumers are buying. How often have you found yourself taking “Art Classes” from someone who couldn’t sell their artwork? Or trying to make sense of instructions that don’t seem as simple as advertised? Or worse yet, watching YouTube “How To” videos only to realize 5 min into it that the post is from a first-timer who hopes things go okay!

We are really all looking for EFFICIENCY- time and money well spent so we can do the things we value the most.


The Q is: Where does DIY begin... and end? And when and where does Efficiency actually demand Specialization?

You may be a “projector” but you will still have to decide what projects you will and won’t do. Are you going to bake your own bread? Grind your own grain? Grow that grain? Build the house you live in? Build the car you drive from steel you mine and manufacture yourself? You get it.. and for the sanity of those around you, you’ll have to figure out how to keep those projects under control and in their appropriate places.

DIT – Do It Together is actually a much more effective, practical way to accomplish many of your goals. Recognizing the values of Community and Specialization changes the way we accomplish our needs and goals.

"No business or product can really be accomplished effectively without dedication, focus and specialization."

Many people desire to own their own Food Security, and yet they understand that efficient, productive Sustainable Farming is a highly developed and demanding profession. Recognizing this, Regeneration Nation has created a Community Model where lot Owners partner with professional Farmers to create independently owned Micro -Farms, joined together in a greater community which protects them from conventional sprays and methods on a larger scale.

Through Community, Regeneration Nation is able to offer Resident Lot Owners, Farmers and Artisans an amazing package of AMMENITIES, BENEFITS, SHARED RESOURCES & RECREATION. With a focus on EDUCATION and ECO- TOURISM the COMMUNITY is able to create and sponsor contributing ARTISANS, and make SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION and BUSINESS SUPPORT available to the entire community.