Management, Employment & Business Opportunities


We are currently looking for part-time Volunteer Management Staff to help establish our pilot Eco-Residence/ Resort location in Kansas City, MO.

All Regeneration Nation Staff are currently volunteers including the Founders and CEO, (with the exception of the Sales Team). We need individuals who believe in the future of this organization and would like to help propel us toward Funding and Investment. Our Investment Graph defines the points at which we are able to begin full and part-time salaries for management and other staff. We are currently able to compensate with Company Stock and/ or Future Company Positions as the funding becomes available with the exception of Sales which is Commission based. We are looking for Technical Web/ Database Skills, Sales, Land Development, a Sustainable Agricultural Panel (for evaluating Farmer Applications), additional Artisans (for the Artisan Panel) and a Marketing Team. Please Contact Us Here if you have any of these management skills or any others that you feel would be a benefit to the development of Regeneration Nation.

Sales Team

We are looking for motivated Sales people who understand and believe in our Mission & Corporation Values and would like to work with Regeneration Nation as a sub-contractor on a Commission Basis.

We are currently offering 3% Sales Commission on Owner/ Investor Packages (ranging from $90- $180 per sale), and 0.15% Sales Commission on Timeshares (ranging from $300- $525 per sale.)


Sustainable Architects

If you are a Sustainable Architect interested in collaborating with us on Cabin and Home Designs please Contact Us Here.


We are looking for a Builder to subcontract Cabins to. Please Contact Us Here if you would like to give a bid on the Cabin builds.

Tourism/ Hospitality

Are you interested in a future subcontract in the Tourism/ Hospitality Industry? We need someone to partner with on Eco-Tourism, Timeshares, Classes, Farm Tours, etc. who would be able to manage this department or subcontract the oversight of these areas. Please Contact Us Here if you would like to know more about what this entails.


We will soon need employees for database type management. If you are interested in our Company and would like to send us your contact info for future employment related to web/ database/tech support, please do so here.