Develop Sustainable Agriculture Eco-Residence Communities facilitated by partnerships with Owner/Investors, Farmers and Artisans, specializing in Food Production, Cultural Arts, Private Businesses, Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Education with Shared Amenities, Resources and Business Support for community entrepreneurs.


Regeneration Nation Inc is committed to upholding: Biblical values, American civil liberties and culture, the US Constitution, private ownership, citizen’s right to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, capitalism, healthcare choice, use of beneficial technology & innovation, family friendly public areas, Biblical marriage between one man and one woman, the sacredness of life at conception, and the sacredness and equality of race, age and biological male and female genders. Regeneration Nation values individuality, freedom for all people, independence, community, bio-diversity and intelligent, meaningful work. Regeneration Nation is committed to establishing communities protected from damaging technologies, developments or innovations such as, but not limited to: high EMF emitters, conventional agricultural pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and harmful conventional farming methods, Genetically Modified Organisms, unsubstantiated health measures and/ or requirements such as mandatory vaccinations, suppression of healthy citizens with mandatory masks, distancing, and/ or other unsubstantiated healthcare requirements.

Any religion that professes to be concerned about the souls of men and is not concerned about the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them and the social conditions that cripple them is a spiritually moribund religion awaiting burial.

Martin Luther King Jr


Regeneration Nation Inc is committed to a Christian Ethic of Honoring God, honoring people, earth stewardship, animal stewardship, open society, kindness, justice, mercy, love, forgiveness & generosity.




  • Create Micro-Farm Communities
  • Facilitate Private Land Ownership
  • Amenities & Recreation
  • Owner/ Member run HOA
  • Grass Roots Funding
  • 0% Interest Loans


  • Sponsor Farmers & Artisans
  • Develop Products & Small Business
  • Enrich American Culture
  • Sustainable Education Center
  • Eco-Tourism Timeshare Vacations


  • Benefit US Citizens
  • Reclaim Farmland
  • Stabilize US Economy
  • Provide Protection From Conventional Ag Methods and Sprays


Regeneration Nation is committed to providing 0% Interest Loans to Owner/ Members, and will not utilize any government program or funding that restricts rights or freedoms of Owner/ Investors or Farmer/ Artisans in any way.


Kristie Harper

Regeneration Nation CEO

Permaculture Designer, Owner of Creative Oasis Murals & Fine Art, Mother of 8, Homeschool Parent, Believer in God.

Self identifies as a Right-Wing, Conservative Christian, Urban Hippie with a strong sense of urgency about establishing American Food Systems.