50% Produce/ Profit Share Partnership

Each Lot Owner/ Investor receives a Produce or Profit Share from the Community Micro-Farm Partnership(s). Regeneration Nation sponsors Contracted Farmers with a Land Parcel and Farm Start-Up in the Community and in exchange, 50% of the Farm’s Produce and Profit are given back to the Investor/ Members perpetually. The Farms remain privately owned and operated by individual  farmers and Investor/ Members can opt to receive their Profit Shares in either Produce, Profit Share Check or a combination of both.

An average Micro-Farm can yield 100-200 + family sized weekly shares.

The Community reserves 3 Micro-Farming Opportunities to be used in Contract with potential Farmers, and the Community HOA oversees the contract requirements, benefits, profit shares and recruitment of Farmers.

What To Expect From a Micro-Farm Yield?

An average 1 1/2 acre Vegetable/ Fruit Micro-Farm can yield 100-200 + family sized weekly shares at peak development. The diversity and quality of productivity and yield obviously depends on the individual farmer.

Micro-Farm Development begins with Spring/ Summer annual Vegetables and can be extended in phases to include Orchard, Berries, Grapes, Herbs, Nuts, Cut Flowers, etc. It may later integrate Poultry / Eggs, Aquaponics or Year-round Greenhouse production. An acre and a half is about the maximum area that one farmer can work intensively with up to 4 employees.


If a Farm produces 100 weekly food boxes, 50 of those would be due in Produce Shares. The Member split is about 1/30th of the 50% yield. On 100 food boxes that’s the equivalent of more than 1 1/2 food boxes per Member Share.

Member Shares may be received as weekly seasonal Produce, Annual Profits or both. Profit Shares are paid annually on a percentage of total Farm Profits.

Owner Members are NOT financially obligated to contribute to the development or maintenance of the Farms in any way. The Profit Shares are simply a benefit of Community Ownership and carry no responsibility for the success or operation of the Farms. Owner/ Members can never incur losses of any kind on their Farm Shares- only Profits.


Regeneration Nation reserves 3 Micro-Farm Lots in the Community for contracting with independent Micro-Farmers for a 50/50 Profit Sharing Agreement. A Farmer Sponsorship Fund provides for construction of a small Home or Cabin on the specified acreage, Farm Start-Up expenses and a monthly Farmer Stipend for the first year. Each participating Farmer is required to contribute a down payment on their own Land & Farm and with successful completion of their Contracts, Farmers gain ownership of their land and Developing Farms over a 15 year period. In exchange, Farmers agree to a perpetual 50/50 Community Profit Share Partnership. 

If a Farmer does not complete the minimum Contracted Seasonal Development, there will be a review process and possible termination of the Contract. In the event of a termination the Farmer is released with a severance package which includes their own initial investment and a possible additional amount assessed as a percentage of their Farm contribution. The Farm would then become available to be assumed by a new Sponsored Farmer selected through the HOA Sponsorship Process.

Why are the Farms Independently Owned & Managed?

The Contracted Community Farms are free market enterprises, owned and managed by individual farmers. Productivity and efficient business management require independent businesses with losses and increases benefiting farmers directly, and passed on in Produce/ Profit Shares. All Farm Produce above the 50% Community Share is the farmers and can be sold or used in any way they choose. Capitalism is the the most efficient, productive and self-correcting business model for everyone involved.

Why Contract With Multiple Farms?

There are a couple main Farm types that require a completely different set up and knowledge base: Fruit/ Orchard, Annual Vegetables, Meat/ Poultry, Dairy and Broad Crops such as grains, beans, etc (which are not practical for production in a Micro-Farm). Sometimes these types can be combined and overlapped in production like Vegetable/ Poultry or Free ranging Livestock/ Poultry or Orchard/ Vegetable/ Poultry, but often they are best separated into individual enterprises with differing focuses. In this case, Regeneration Nation would give preference to Farmers with different focuses that best accomplish the Communities goals.

Also, yields are never guaranteed in farming or any other business. To increase the probability of success and yield for the Community, there should always be overlap in production if possible on several Farms. This overlap doesn’t hinder Farm revenues in any way since they are not primarily selling to the Community, but yielding 50% and selling the remainder mostly outside the Community. And it definitely increases the assurance of Community Food Security and benefit from Profit Shares.

Micro-Farm Development

All Contracted Farms will start with the Development of soils, infrastructure (greenhouse), composting, annual vegetable crops, and plantings for perennial crops (that typically don’t bear for a couple of seasons). The expectation for the first year is production of a Spring/ Summer/ Fall crop of annual vegetables with development of the other farm components. Year two might increase with season extension and the addition of berries, etc and a possible introduction of small scale poultry or eggs as a side product.

What Other Ways Can I Create Food as a Community Owner/ Member?

  • You can grow food on your own property.
  • Take advantage of one of the Edible Landscaping Packages for your home.
  • Once all of the farming positions for the Community are filled, Owner/ Members are prohibited from selling their own produce within the Community to other Owner/ Members, but you can always create a Produce business and sell outside of the Community.
  • You may be able to contract work with a Community Farmer for extra produce or pay.
  • Additionally, the greater Community has a Permaculture Landscape that includes perennial food and craft materials with seasonal Member Harvest Shares. These shares will be available for self-harvesting at various times throughout the seasons.

Permaculture Landscape/ Harvest Shares

The overall Permaculture Design of the Community Landscape establishes the planting and care of a variety of perennial plants, shrubs and trees for useful and edible purposes ranging from orchard, berries, vines, flowers, firewood, hard woods, sap producing trees, nuts, fodder, reeds, craft materials, etc. Interplanted together in guilds, they create land design, erosion control and water harvesting, and become established together into mostly self-regulating, eco-systems. At peak times harvesting these materials will be made available to all Owner/ Members.

Elderberries in Permaculture Landscape

Would You Like To Be A Regeneration Nation Farmer?

If you are interested in becoming a Community Farmer at Regeneration Nation, please contact us at joinus@regenerationation.com.