Restorative Agriculture with Permaculture Landscape Design.




50% Produce/ Profit Share Partnership

Each Lot Owner/ Investor receives a Produce or Profit Share from the Community Micro-Farm Partnership. Regeneration Nation sponsors Contracted Farmers with a Land Parcel and Farm Start-Up in the Community and in exchange, 50% of the Farm’s Produce and Profit are given back to the Community Investors perpetually. The Farms remain privately owned and operated by individual  farmers and Owner/ Investors can opt to receive their Profit Shares in either Produce, Profit Share Check or a combination of both.

The Community reserves 3 Micro-Farming Opportunities to be used in Contract with potential Farmers, and the Community HOA oversees the contract requirements, benefits, profit shares and recruitment of Farmers.

Working Together With Permacultural Design

To ensure continuing Food Supply, Season Extension, Medicinal Herbs, Perennial Crops, Livestock Integration and Agroforestry, join our Patriot, Micro-Farm Community! Purchase a Lot and receive perpetual Micro-Farm shares season after season for yourself and your family. Enjoy the security of local Food Supply, like-minded Community and Co-Owned Recreational areas protected by a Community HOA that guarantees your Constitutional rights and your personal access to these Benefits. Build an energy efficient Passive Solar Home or Cabin as a Primary Residence, Vacation Home or Fall-Back location, and enjoy the peace of mind that preparedness and reliable Community brings especially in a time of national turmoil and uncertainty.


“Conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems which integrate landscape, food production and community design in a sustainable way.”

Comfrey- Wonder Plant

Harvest an abundance with Regeneration Nation!

Permaculture Designer/ Micro-Farmer

Kristie Harper

Community Goals: Broad scale Permaculture Land Design that incorporates perennial Food Forest Plant Guilds (berries, mushrooms, medicinals, fruit & nut trees, hardwoods, crafting materials, pollard trees for firewood, etc.), Rotational Grazing Lanes, Water Harvesting with swales and catchment systems and intensively managed Micro-Farm areas for annual vegetable crops, herbs, flowers and small livestock etc.

Continuing Development of: Animal/ Grazing Systems, Aquaponics, Season Extension (Greenhouses), use of Geo-thermal for increasing zones for perennial such as Citrus, etc.

Long Term Goals: Implementation of Dairy, Food Processing & value added products.

Micro-Farmer/ Sustainable Builder

Drew Harper

Building Goals:

Energy Efficient, Passive Solar Homes with Personalized Customization and lifestyle enhancing Options like; Masonry Heater/ Cookstove/ Water Heating Coils, Basement/ Cellar Storage, Geo-Thermal Home/ Greenhouse applications, Greenhouse Additions, Edible Landscape Packages

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