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Improve your Sustainability? What’s that supposed to mean? Look greener? Go without? Squeeze into a skinnier footprint? No. Sustainable Living/ Sustainable Agriculture/ Sustainable Building is about better solutions that make more sense than the current ones commonly in practice. 

There so many gimmicks that don’t really work. Let us guide you to “THINGS THAT DO WORK”. How do we know? These Lessons/ Applications are all things we’ve done, used, trialed and tested. We may not have the perfect “eggbeater” (since when are we done learning?), but we certainly know the things worth mentioning and what should actually be left out.

So when you’re talking patio or retaining wall or …swimming pool, Ferrocement is an incredible option. Build durable, even waterproof cement structures less than 1″ thick, reinforced with some kind of semi-rigid mesh (chicken wire, fiberglass, hardware cloth, diamond lath, pencil rebar… depending on what you need it for). Don’t believe me? Have a look…

Thrive prosper & enjoy

Grow Food with Community Security. Join us in establishing a Community of Patriots!

Community Benefits

  • Land protected from conventional sprays
  • Stocked lake
  • Community trails.

As our churches stepped back, set the ultimate standard of compliance, and left the gap wide open for unconstitutional government mandates, national security is breaking down with leaders instating dramatic breaches on citizen rights- undue “health measures”, suppression of our Constitution, the shutdown of American small business, releasing criminals from prison, dismantling police services, erosion of American healthcare, school closures, forcible removal of healthy children from parents and more. All of this combined with the current rioting, looting, freeways closures and increasing crime, puts food supply chains in serious jeopardy. It is more important than ever to consider your long term well-being. At the minimum, our leaders have already promised at least 18 months of successive chaos with continuing waves of “covid prevention” until all of America has succombed to their control.

Without Ownership of your own Food Production and Joint Ownership of a physical location to gather with others for fellowship, protection, recreation and community organization, you will be extremely susceptible to the whim of the government as they roll out these increasing closures, shutdowns and restrictions. In light of our National upheaval, there has never been a more important time for sovereign citizens to join together for collective strength, protection and productivity.

What is needed?

  • Physical gathering locations that are Collectively Owned and operated.

  • Location developed to provide Food, Defense, Recreation and Community Connections.

  • Virtual access & connection with Community Members.

  • Land in Micro-Farm production.

  • Independent energy systems.

  • Fall Back Plan for Resident/ Memebers.

  • Local Outreach

Artist, Permaculture Designer, Conspiracy Realist and Founder of Regeneration Nation, Kristie Harper

In light of what is now taking place in America it is becoming vital for individuals to intentionally establish community connections and personally own their food supply.

If you are not aware of what is happening in our Nation please view former FBI, Sibel Edmonds, video in our public ChatRoom to get a basic understanding of what deep state leaders are now rolling out at the government level and what we will be facing in our immediate future.

Land Options

Purchase lot for Primary Residence or Fall Back position in rural Missouri with like-minded patriots. Protect and defend our American Constitution together. Exercise your freedom to... build a home, grow food, assemble, worship, defend your country and live mask free in community with others.

Establish yourself with other like-minded individuals in a strategic location to prepare for the pending National crisis. Missouri has excellent agricultural land and long growing seasons as well as hunting and fishing. Distance yourself from major areas of political unrest in a place where open and concealed carry is supported and legal without a permit. Legally build any kind of structure or land improvement without permits in rural areas and hunt and fish on your own land.

Residential Community

  • 0% Interest
  • Stand Together
  • Build Without Permits
  • Grow Food
  • Join like-minded Community
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